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Solve geo data problems at web scale.

Hyperpublic is a hacker-centric startup working to structure data around every local object in the world. We’re working on hard problems related to big data, API and platform development, search, mobile development, and more. We work out of a big open loft in NYC’s Meatpacking district, we have developer tech talks and 20% time, and we have the support of great investors. We have openings in the following positions, and if you think you’re a good fit, we’d love to talk soon.

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Developer Evangelist

We're looking for an outgoing, technically minded person to represent Hyperpublic in the developer community. You love technology and people. You’ll craft and execute an outreach strategy to get the word out about our platform with developers and companies. Dream up any creative idea and make it happen. You’ll get to work with some of the smartest hackers, designers, and entrepreneurs in the technology startup community.


  • Advocate for Hyperpublic at meet ups, conferences, hackathons as well as on forums, email, social media etc…
  • Brainstorm great location aware applications and services with developers
  • Write blog posts about apps and web services using location data
  • Listen to the community's needs and ensure that our engineering and product teams are building the right thing
  • Create fun tutorials and example hacks to show off our API
  • Do whatever it takes to make Hyperpublic top of developers’ minds


  • Up to speed with current web and mobile applications
  • Prior experience with community management, developer relations, or software engineering
  • Excellent written, oral, and presentation skills
  • Passionate about the tech industry
  • Leadership experience in a team setting, through hosting events, or building an online community
  • Degree in one or both ends of the creative/technical spectrum: Computer Science (or something similarly technical) or a major focused on writing (such as English Literature)


  • Can quickly build a lightweight proof of concept using the Hyperpublic API
  • Prior startup experience, preferably in New York
  • Understand RESTful APIs and the general web stack
  • Programming skills in a modern language like Ruby, Python, and/or Javascript

Mobile Development Lead

Mobile is a big part of what we’re doing at Hyperpublic, and we are looking for someone to take the lead on building our iPhone application. You’re a jack-of-all trades hacker, who isn’t just an iPhone developer, but is also excited to work on our platform, API, and data collection and structuring efforts. Mobile is your first, but it won’t be your only. Our ideal mobile hacker has:


  • Experience with iPhone development and has at least one released application in the app store.
  • Experience integrating remote APIs.
  • Dealt with mobile resource constraints including memory, connectivity, and performance.
  • A strong vision for how to bridge the physical and online world through a mobile product.

Data Hacker

Structuring data around every single person, place, and thing in the world is no small task. We deal with large amounts of data, from many different sources, and it all needs to be parsed, structured, and organized. If you’re our future data hacker, the previous two sentences should probably be all you need to hear about the job to get excited. We’re looking for someone with big data experience, and ideally you fit the following:


  • Experience manipulating, parsing, and normalizing large data feeds.
  • Experience taking unstructured data and giving it structure.
  • Ruby or Python development experience.
  • A computer science background.
  • Insight and creativity around using data to enhance a consumer-facing product.

Rapid Prototypist

Do you like working on new projects and fun, one off hacks? Hyperpublic is looking for a hacker to join our apps team, which is chartered with developing 1-2 small applications per month built on top of our platform. Hyperpublic is focused on a consumer’s interaction with their local environment at both the application and data layer. Our data team has built a platform which consists of local business data, location based social data, and local transaction data, including photos, reviews, tags, and rich content. Now we are looking to build some interesting applications to put all of this data to proper use. You should be excited about:


  • Working on a Rails/MongoDB web app one week
  • Making an iPhone app the next week
  • Building a search utility the following week
  • And working on a social game the week after that

Web Developer is the first application built on top of our platform, and it’s critical to showing off the power of our data. You’re a web developer who is passionate about product and user experience. You want to take to the next level by simultaneously adding features to the product while making the overall experience simpler and more intuitive. You:


  • Are excited about developing web applications using Ruby/Rails.
  • Are comfortable with MongoDB as well as traditional relational databases.
  • Have an understanding of when it’s time to optimize an application, and whether it’s appropriate to do so at the caching layer, the application layer, or the query layer.
  • Are comfortable with Javascript and JQuery.
  • Care deeply about product and user experience.

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